Social Security Disability Claims in Central Oregon

Have you been denied disability benefits in Oregon? Are you contemplating a social security SSI or SSD claims appeal or reconsideration? If so, you’re not alone. Many try to navigate the social security disability (SSI and SSD) process themselves but fail. Sometimes it’s because they don’t adequately prove their disability, or they don’t file the right paperwork at the right time. Either way, we can help.  Philip Garrow, SSI and SSD attorney, assists those with disabilities to get their SSI and SSD claims properly heard and processed.

Our SSI and SSD attorney office knows what medical evidence and physician reports are needed to prove SSI and SSD claims. We also know how to present certain factors, such as age, education, and type of profession, in the best light for successful SSI and SSD claims. Working with an SSI and SSD Oregon disability lawyer who is experienced in ​Social Security law can be of great assistance.

How We Assist Clients Seeking SSI and SSD Claims:

  • If you are 55 or older and cannot return to work that you have done for the last 15 years, due to a disability, you may be entitled to disability benefits in Oregon and should contact our SSI and SSD attorney office.
  • If you are 54 or younger and attempting to file a social security disability claim, contact our office. SSI and SSD claims need to be proven with medical records and testimony that establish you as unable to work. We can help you through the process and explain the program’s complex Medical-Vocational Guidelines and Listing of Impairments, so you’re on the right track for success.