Workers’ Compensation Settlement Process

The employer/insurer and the injured worker can often reach agreements to settle work injury claims.  Some work injury claims are settled by the worker agreeing to accept money in exchange for giving up rights in a Disputed Claim Settlement or a Claim Disposition Agreement.

Each work injury claim is evaluated based on its own facts. Information regarding what a work injury claim is worth from someone other than the workers’ compensation lawyer can be misleading.  A workers’ compensation settlement is based on different factors than a personal injury settlement.  An injured worker is best served by listening to workers’ compensation legal advice rather than advice from friends and acquaintances.  Come and talk to our workers’ compensation lawyer, Philip Garrow if the insurance company is asking you to settle.  Consultations are always free.

The Impact of a Work​ers’ Compensation Settlement on Social Security Disability Benefits

The legal impact of any work​ers’ compensation settlement on claiming Social Security Disability benefits should be determined only by a workers’ compensation ​attorney experienced in Oregon workers’ compensation law and/or Social Security law.  An injured worker may receive both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits at the same time.  There are statutes and rules regarding reduction of Social Security Disability benefits while receiving workers’ compensation benefits that depend on the facts of each case. Here is the link to the Social Security law.

Our Central Oregon workers’ compensation lawyer would be happy to review the Social Security law with you.