Central Oregon’s Workers Comp Attorney

Work-related injury lawyer Philip H. Garrow represents individuals who suffer from on-the-job injuries and occupational diseases. Many injured workers have to undergo costly medical treatment and experience wage loss. Others have to accept the possibility of some permanent disability and seek vocational assistance in training for a career change. Don’t let medical bills pile up while your earnings suffer, call Phil Garrow to find out what you’re legally entitled to when you’ve been hurt on the job or exposed to conditions that prevent you from working.

We help clients filing workers’ compensation claims by:

  • Investigating the status of their workers’ compensation claim and preparing an individual course of action
  • Interfacing with their doctors to determine the extent of injuries
  • Determining the amount of compensation due under Oregon workers’ compensation laws
  • Representing them at all hearings and advocating for their rights

Don’t Risk Losing Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

Oregon workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system, which means that an injured worker is entitled to benefits regardless of who caused the accident. Even if injured workers are fired as a result of the accident, they are still entitled to benefits. If a third-party causes the injury—such as a negligent driver or manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment—the worker may bring a work injury lawsuit against the negligent third-party, with the help of a work-related injury lawyer.

Time is of the essence when filing workers’ compensation claims and handling appeals. If you receive a Denial or Notice of Closurecontact Philip Garrow, work-related injury lawyer, for advice. We will review your case—at no charge—and tell you whether we can assist.