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Since 1983, we’ve won cases for those with work injuries, occupational diseases, and disabilities, securing workers’ comp and Social Security benefits.


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Philip Garrow’s disability law firm has excelled since 1983 in aiding individuals facing work-related injuries, occupational diseases, and serious disabilities. We specialize in securing compensation through workers’ compensation and Social Security claims, alleviating the financial burdens resulting from lost income and career prospects. Trust our expertise to navigate the bureaucratic complexities on your behalf.

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About Our Practice

Helping Central Oregonians with on Job Injuries and Disability Claims

Our Process

At Philip Garrow’s disability law firm, we have developed a comprehensive process to guide you through your workers’ compensation or disability claim journey. Throughout every step, we provide clear and empathetic guidance, keeping you informed and empowered. Trust in our proven process to navigate the complexities of your claim efficiently and effectively, giving you deserved peace of mind.

Our Philosophy

Since 1983, our philosophy at Philip Garrow’s disability law firm has been to offer expert legal advice for workers’ compensation and disability claims. Specializing in work injury claims, we provide efficient processing and thorough support to help clients regain control over their lives and finances. Trust our expertise for successful compensation claims.

Our Commitment

At Philip Garrow’s disability law firm, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and support for workers’ compensation and disability claims. With deep empathy and understanding, we stand by our clients every step of the way, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected. Trust in our unwavering commitment to advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

Our Experienced Attorney

For over four decades, our firm has been a trusted support for Central Oregonians dealing with workplace injuries and disability claims. Established in 1983, led by seasoned attorney Philip Garrow, we’re known for expert legal advice and steadfast assistance. Phil, with extensive experience in representing injured and disabled workers, brings invaluable insights to every case. His two assistants, Kaylee Morgan and Zola Montee, are crucial legal team members. Since 2019, Kaylee has provided legal assistance and Spanish interpretation. From 2006, Zola has been an integral part of the extensive processes in all our office operations.

Together, we’re committed to empowering clients, advocating for their rights, and providing clarity on legal matters. With our combined expertise and dedication, we guide clients toward a brighter future, ensuring they regain control over their lives and secure support for themselves and their families.

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