Work Injury Q and A: Insurance Claims

Q: I have a work injury claim and the insurance company representative tells me not to contact a work injury lawyer because the work injury lawyer will just take part of my settlement. Is that true?

A: No. Oftentimes persons with workplace injuries are unable to work and rely on the lost wages (called temporary disability benefits) paid by the Workers’ Compensation insurer. The insurer is also required to pay medical treatment requested by the treating physician to aid in the workers’ recovery after a work injury claim has been filed. Injured workers receive these benefits because they are authorized by Oregon law. Workers’ Compensation laws were designed to protect injured workers from disability and financial ruin and facilitate a quick return to work. Insurance companies are required to comply with the law and pay all benefits accordingly. Lawyers who represent injured workers can advise the injured person and his or her family without the worker paying Worker’s Compensation attorney fees. In most cases any legal fees are paid by the insurance company. The worker may also be entitled to additional benefits or penalties if the insurer is not properly processing medical bills or disability payments.

You can contact an attorney experienced in Workers’ Compensation Law at no charge for a case evaluation. You can also contact the State of Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division for help or with questions. The State Injured Workers Hotline number is 1-800-452-0288.



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