Volunteer Worker’s Compensation Q/A

Q: I was injured while working on a “clean-up” crew as a volunteer. I understand that my city has elected to cover me through its workers’ compensation policy, and pay my medical bills. However, I am also losing time from work while I recover. Can I receive compensation?

A: Yes, you can. State law mandates that all municipal personnel, who are not full-time, part time, or substitute employees, are considered “volunteer personnel” and will be covered if the municipality has filed an election to provide that coverage. Your city has. As a result, the city, in conjunction with the workers’ compensation carrier, selects a designated wage as “assumed compensation.” Your time loss rate would be based on that rate. You can check with your city’s personnel department to determine the assumed wage rate. You can also contact the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Department ombudsmen at 1-800-927-1271. If you need legal assistance to pursue your claim, contact an attorney

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