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How Do I Know If I am Getting a Good Deal on my Insurance Settlement

Q: Last year I was hurt on the job and I have been unable to return to work. The insurance claims adjuster called me about settling my claim. How do I know if I am getting a good deal? A: Injured workers have the option of settling their claim for future benefits. The amount of…


Social Security Denies Disability Benefits Despite Doctors Opinion

Q: I suffered severe injuries from a work-related accident. My Doctors have declared me totally disabled. I submitted these reports to the Social Security Administration and I was still denied disability benefits. Doesn’t Social Security have to listen to my doctors? A: Social Security operates under federal law. Workers’ compensation injuries are based on state law….

Am I Entitled to Compensation Other Than Worker’s Compensation Due to Negligence?

Q: I was injured on the job when my coworker failed to secure a load which then broke loose, causing me substantial injuries. I have been off work several months receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Am I entitled to any other compensation due to the negligence which caused my injury?   A: Ordinarily, on-the-job injuries entitle…

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