Workers’ Compensation Insurance Statement

After an injury on the job, the workers’ compensation insurer or the employer will often  ask to take your statement about what happened.  They will usually ask about your medical history and other injuries.  They will look up your driving record and check for a criminal history.  They will also talk to your employer and coworkers and look for potential reasons to deny the claim.  The statement is usually recorded and is a very important part of your claim and impacts the insurer’s decision on accepting or denying the claim.  The workers’ compensation law requires the injured worker to cooperate with the investigation, including attending an insurance medical exam, if requested.  If you do not cooperate, the insurer can ask to have your wage replacement benefits (temporary disability) suspended until you have cooperated.  Injured workers have a right to have a friend or relative present at the interview or the medical exam.  You can also be represented by an attorney at this stage of the claim, at no charge to you. If you have questions regarding your workers’ compensation claim or if you need help, please contact the law office of Philip H. Garrow

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