Intentionally Injured By Your Employer?

Recently in the funnies, one of America’s favorite cartoon characters, with the weird hair and beautiful deli-owning wife, who works in an office with a crusty old boss, recently reported his work injuries to his insurance company.   One of his “injuries” was being “spritzed” by the boss.   The insurance company wondered if this was covered.   In Oregon, the answer is YES!   However, there would need to be an injury that needed medical attention.   So, if our character got spritzed in the eye at work  and went to the doctor, he is covered.

Additionally , in Oregon, our character could consider suing the boss for intentionally causing his injury.   A worker who is injured on the job usually cannot sue the employer or the insurance company.  There are exceptions where the injury was “intentionally” caused by the employer  or because the employer was running an unsafe operation.

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