Philip Garrow wins another important Oregon workers’ compensation case!

The Garrow law office won another important case before the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board.  The injured worker, a middle school teacher and track coach who suffered a wrist injury while demonstrating throwing a discus to his track team, received an increase in his permanent disability, and a work disability award, because he could not go back to his “regular” work.  SAIF initially would not agree to give him an increase, but the Administrative Law Judge did after we filed an appeal on the worker’s behalf.  SAIF then appealed from the Judge’s decision.

The Workers’ Compensation Board sided with the worker.   SAIF argued that the worker was not entitled to a work disability award because he could return to his regular work.  SAIF said that just because he was injured while demonstrating how to throw a discus, his regular job as a coach did not require him to throw a discus.  The Board disagreed and said that, no matter what the school district or SAIF claimed, the worker’s duties included physically demonstrating the throwing techniques for a discus.  The worker was therefore entitled to an increase in his disability benefits.

We believe our job includes getting the maximum benefits for our clients who have suffered work injuries.  This case is an example of that principle.  Contact our officeOur consultations are always free!


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