Can a Chiropractor Serve as an Attending Physician?

The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Act is a very complex piece of  legislation.  The law restricts which doctors may act as “Attending Physicians.”  In a recent case, the Workers’ Compensation Board held that an injured worker’s aggravation claim was invalid because it was signed by a chiropractor, who was not  authorized to serve as the “attending physician.”  The Board noted that a chiropractor can serve as an “attending physician” for a cumulative total of 60 days from the first visit on the initial claim or for a cumulative total of 18 visits, whichever occurs first. In this case the Board found that since more than 60 days had expired from the injured worker’s first visit to the chiropractor, the chiropractor was not statutorily authorized to serve as an “attending physician.”  As a consequence the chiropractor’s determination that his patient had a worsened condition was not considered valid.  If you have questions about your attending physician or chiropractic care for a work-related injury, contact the law office of Philip H. Garrow

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