Work Accidents: Worker’s Compensation Claims

Q: I was seriously hurt when a crane operator failed to properly secure a load, which fell and knocked me off a roof. I have multiple broken bones and probably won’t be able to return to my construction job. I am in considerable pain and my life will never be the same. Am I out of luck?

A: You are definitely not out of luck. Under these circumstances, you are protected by workers’ compensation laws. The workers’ compensation insurer is required to pay your bills and pay you lost wages while you recover from your injuries. You are likely eligible for vocational retraining to get you back to work at a new job which considers your new physical limitations. You may also eligible for Social Security benefits while you recover from your injuries, if you are off work for 12 months. And you may be protected by Employers’ Liability laws which protect workers from the negligence of third parties and other workers on the job site.

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