Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?

Q: I was injured on the job and received 30% disability. I can’t go back to my former job. Do I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?

A: Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) are available to anyone who, as a result of his or her disabling injuries or medical conditions, is not able to return to work. You may qualify for SSDIB if your doctors indicate you are unable to return to your regular work and due to your medical conditions, age, education, and work experience there are no other available jobs you can perform. You can contact your local Social Security office for help filing a Social Security Disability Insurance claim, or go online at Social Security will get your medical records and determine whether you qualify for benefits. If your claim is denied, you can get help from an attorney at no charge to you unless you receive your Social Security Disability benefits.

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